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ISKO-Maghreb : Le chapitre du Maghreb de la société savante ISKO
ISKO: "International Society for  Knowledge Organization"


ISKO-Maghreb est le chapitre savant des pays du Maghreb (principalement Tunisie, Algérie et Maroc) de la société savante Internationale ISKO (International Society for Knowledge Organization). Ce chapitre ISKO-Maghreb a été créé en février 2010. Il évoluera autour des chercheurs universitaires, des praticiens et des professionnels R&D (publics et privés) intéressés par les thématiques de l'ISKO sur l'organisation de la connaissance.

(EN: ISKO-Maghreb is the scholarly chapter of the Maghreb countries (mainly Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco) of the international scholarly society ISKO (International Society for Knowledge Organization). The ISKO-Maghreb chapter was created in February 2010. It will evolve around university researchers, practitioners and R&D professionals (public and private) interested in ISKO's themes on the Knowledge Organization.)

Administration ISKO-Maghreb

Le Bureau de la Société Savante ISKO-Maghreb est composé (depuis l'AG. du 7 fevrier 2020) de :

(EN: The Bureau of the ISKO-Maghreb Society  is composed (since the GA of February 7, 2020): )

·          President : Sahbi SIDHOM (University of Lorraine & Loria Lab., France)

·          Vice-president (Tunisia) : Amira KADDOUR (ENSTAB Université de Carthage, Tunisia)

·          Vice-president (Algeria) : Abdelkrim MEZIANE (CERIST, Algeria)

·          Vice-president (Morocco) : Anass EL HADDADI (ENSA Al Hoceima, Morocco)

·          Vice-president (Lybia) : Nasar Aldian SHASHOA (Libyan Academy Tripoli, Libya) : New working-group in 2020

·          Vice-president (Liban) : Fouad ZMOKHOL (Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth, Liban) : New working-group in 2022

·          Secretary & Treasurer : à pourvoir - Sahbi SIDHOM (par interim)

Contact : Sahbi Sidhom, e-mail : sahbi.sidhom@loria.fr


Appel à communications / Call for papers(CFP) : in 2019

8th. International Symposium ISKO-Maghreb



On: "Digital Sciences: impacts and challenges on Knowledge Organization.”

February 6-7-8, 2020 Tunis (Tunisia)

www.isko-maghreb.org  &  https://isko-maghreb2019.loria.fr


Organization in the event of the International Multi-Conference OCTA’2019

On: "Organization of Knowledge and Advanced Technologies" (https://multiconference-octa.loria.fr/)


For reasons of the electoral calendar (ie. presidential and parliamentary elections) of the Tunisian Republic as the host country of the OCTA’2019 multiconference, the Presidents of OCTA took the decision to modify the organization dates in order to bring to authors, speakers and participants more serenity, best conditions and peace of mind to their work in this exceptional scientific setting.


Important Dates:

Papers due (last deadline):

JAN. 15 th, 2020

Notification of acceptance:

JAN. 10-25 th, 2020

Final paper & Camera-ready due:

JAN. 15-25 th, 2020

Registration for authors (2nd. deadline):

JAN. 15-25 th, 2020

ISKO-Maghreb'2019 in OCTA days (in 2020) :

FEBRUARY  6-7-8 th, 2020

Best Paper Awards:

FEBRUARY  8 th, 2020


OCTA Organization:    The international multiconference OCTA and its projects, communities and scholarly societies (SIIE, ISKO-Maghreb, CITED and TBMS) will be held in Tunis at the ALECSO (Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science) from 6 to 8 February 2020. The organization is under the aegis of the University of Tunis with its partners, and national & international sponsors.



More information: [in chapter minutes]